Meditation Nothing Can Make You Happy : 5 minute Reset Meditation with So Hum Mantra

Meditation Nothing Can Make You Happy: 5 minute Reset Meditation with So Hum Mantra

Meditation Nothing Can Make You Happy: 5 minute Reset Meditation

The purpose of this discussion is explore the relationship between meditation and happiness and to bust the myth that meditation is boring and make it simple, fun and accessible to everyone. We will also explore the question \«can meditation lead to happiness\». At the end of the video I invite you to experience this 5 minute :Mantra so hum: meditation which can potentially change the way you understand meditation. I am not even going to list the benefits of meditation as I want you to experience first hand for yourself.

I want you to pause for a moment and think about why you do what you do. Whatever is it ..that you are busy doing with your life. Making money, Pursuing a relationship, getting a better job, house, car, moving up in the world, eating healthy, socializing and the list goes on. I REALLY WANT YOU TO PAUSE A THINK ABOUT IT… I say the motivation behind 99.9 % of the things we do is to find “Happiness” for ourselves and let know in the comments below if you have a different motivation. See if you are currently struggling with money, then Money becomes the obstacle to your happiness AND if you happen to struggle with your relationship then relationship becomes an obstacle to your happiness.
In other words “Happiness” is the reward we get for overcoming our challenges.
Now let me ask you this, what's inherently wrong with this model?

I am sure you will agree that different phases of our lives bring different challenges. And there is no given time in our lives when we don’t have challenges. Now if the happiness is derived by overcoming challenges then its temporary and will last only until you are faced with a new challenge. With our modern lifestyle, we are always in the pursuit of new challenges and hence always seeking happiness. And once we get tired of unsuccessfully trying to find happiness from a new car, house, job, partner, social status we turn towards meditation, thinking meditation is the answer.

So without any further ado let’s explore this simple yet engaging meditation technique. Simply follow along. Find a place where you are not going to be disturbed for 5 mins, sit still with your spine straight. Close your eyes and look in the space between your eyebrows.
Bring all your awareness on the breath. We will breathe 11 times with each exhale count backwards. Inhale and say 11 silently on exhale. Breath in and 10 exhale continue until you get to 0.

Bring awareness to the sounds around you, anything you can hear. Observe the outside sounds interacting with your eardrums sound of AC, People talking atc. Having no need to change anything. Simply observe.

Now slowly bring awareness to the subtle sound of your breath. Imagine breathing in and out with a straw in your throat. Just observe for 5 breaths. Observe any other sounds within your body.

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