How to manifest goals faster by setting my intentions I Setting Intentions for Manifestation in 2020

How to manifest goals faster by setting my intentions I Setting Intentions for Manifestation in 2020

How to manifest goals faster by setting my intentions I Setting Intentions for Manifestation in 2020. In this video we will explore ways for Setting Intentions for Manifestation in 2020. In the next video we will learn how it's different from goal setting…
We will also learn how to manifest goals faster by setting my intentions.
Please allow me to offer a different perspective on intention setting as we approach year 2020 and i challenge you to stay focused until the end of the video to see if something shifts within your understanding. Let's take a look on what it takes to manifesting goals in 2020 and setting your intentions.
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In this video we will not only go into
1. Self fulling intention setting in 2020 to achieve goals faster.
2. Who do you have to be to create a self fulling Intention

You must have heard that when you create an intention it automatically re arranges your energies to attract the correct situations, circumstances and relationships in our life necessary to fulfiLl those intentions.
Then why is it that some people’s intention come true quickly while others seem to struggle to get what they want.

The answer comes is simple however it may take a lifetime to master. It’s your EGO….

“When you get the Ego out of the way, the intentions fulfill themselves”
Deepak Chopra

Let’s understand this better

How can you take the ego out of your intention? Isn’t your ego responsible in the first place behind you having your intention?

In this video we would like to offer a different perspective which might trigger you to see things differently.

The effectiveness of the intention depends on the level of your awareness.
Where are you creating the intention from?

Let’s see how your ego can interfere with the fulfillment of your intention.
When you are operating at the level of your Ego or your Solar Plexus level you only see the world from your perspective and hence unaware of all the other perspectives.

Let’s say your intention is to build a cabin in the middle of the woods. In order to build this house you intend to clear the trees from the area in the woods where a family of deer, birds, insects, rodents previously live. Intention of the animals and the birds is to keep the trees so they can keep living there. However because you are operating at the level of ego you don't necessarily see from their perspective which energetically creates disharmony with the world around you. This energetic disharmony keeps your desires and intentions from getting fulfilled and even if you are successful in building a house you will feel disconnected and dissatisfied.
However, when you are operating at the higher level of awareness i.e you have risen above your individual EGO, your intention will automatically consider the fulfillment of everyone's intention and hence creating this energetic harmony with the world around you.
An example from my life that comes to my mind is that My guru house in India was built around the tree which existed on the land before the house.

Higher is the level of your awareness, easier the fulfillment of your intention becomes. Ultimately you want what’s good for everyone. You intention aligns with the universal intention and is fulfilled instantly and effortlessly.

When the level of your awareness rises beyond your Ego identity the universe starts using your intention to fulfill its own desires.

Let’s come back to this at the end of the video to reflect if your intentions are aligned with the universal intentions. For now lets get to the 2nd part on how to create.

Focusing on traumas of the past doesn't get rid of the past but creates more of that IN this moment.
The body doesn’t know that the difference between the actual event or the mere remembrance of one. Moreover, it doesn't change what happens in the past. Where is the point of power in your timeline?

The best way to focus on intentions is to “Write them Down”. Although it might seem like an obvious step, it’s a step that many people ignore. As a result their intentions remain unfocused and therefore unrealized. Write down what you want in all areas of your life. Be as specific as possible.
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