How to live a Healthy Lifestyle in 2020 I 5 Tips for Healthy Mind Body and Spirit

How to live a Healthy Lifestyle in 2020 I 5 Tips for Healthy Mind Body and Spirit

How to live a Healthy Lifestyle in 2020 I 5 Tips for Healthy Mind Body and Spirit
Hi my name is Abhi Duggal and welcome to my channel \«Meditate with Abhi\». Here are 5 Tips for Healthy Mind Body and Spirit.
1. Eat mindfully. (Body)
Connect with your food. Back in the day people used to grow their own food and hence they had a relationship with food all they way from the land it grew in to the table. Now we buy our food from the grocery store and even worse online. Where we don't get to touch, feel and see the food before it ends up on our table. The fact that we don't have a relationship with this food, there is no sense of respect and as a result we scoff down our meal on autopilot while distracted by the television, computer or constant conversation. Not only do we miss out on the experience, we miss out on the texture, taste and smell of your food.
2. Observe your breathing. (Spirit)
Breath is not just incoming and outgoing air. It's also considered a primary source of Prana the life force energy for our existence. We can live days without food but barely minutes without Breath.
Consider Breath as a bridge connecting your Mind to your Body. When you pay attention to it, it takes you out of your mind (which is always in the past on how things should have been to future: how things should be) and into your body. Body that is never not Present. As long as you with the body you are tuned in with your senses. Your senses — touch, smell, taste, sound and sight — are your gateway into the present moment. When you are in the body you momentarily free yourself from your churning thoughts, worries and fears, and you remind yourself of who you really are!

3. Slow down your actions (Mind)
Slow down your urge to react. Pause before any action and slowly transition into it.

One day Buddha was giving a discourse and a mosquito sat on his forehead. He took his right hand and quickly squashed the mosquito. Later he kept repeating this action in slow motion. On witnessing this a disciple asked him if he has lost his mind.
To which Buddha says whenever I perform any action unconsciously i repeat is slowly to change my automatic reaction.

4. Listen wholeheartedly
Now you might wonder what has listening to do with your health. Consider that listening is part of expressing yourself. Expression is not just talking but also listening. Especially to maintain healthy relationships and hence create peace for your mind and Spirit.

5. Practice doing one thing at a time.
Think about when you first learnt how to walk. In the initial stages of learning we are so tuned with the act of learning that

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