How to find/create your Purpose in 5 minutes I Know your Purpose I Purpose of life

How to find/create your Purpose in 5 minutes I Know your Purpose I Purpose of life

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How to find/create your purpose in 5 minutes I Know your Purpose
How to find purpose and meaning in life? Hi my name is Abhi Duggal and welcome to my channel \«Meditate with Abhi\»
Statistics tell us that 95 % of people really don’t know what their purpose is

The question is Why?
Even machines have purpose. The purpose of my car is to take me from point A to point B.

What if a human being is not designed to have a purpose?
What's your purpose? If you are not sure ...Stay until the end of the video and you might just answer that for yourself!

A very few people discover that purpose early. Others discover that purpose much later in life. Some pursue what they think is their purpose only to discover later that…. they were fulfilling other people’s purposes.
So even after you think you know your purpose ...what makes you 100 % sure…

Over the years there have been numerous books written on this particular topic of “Finding your life purpose”

Many people spend their whole life time finding their purpose which others spend their life in a state of dissatisfaction for not knowing one.

Let’s go back to the earlier analogy. Machines have purpose

The purpose of this saw is to cut through the wood. Now the question is “Who gave this machine it’s purpose?

It’s your intention to build something which gives machines a purpose…
Now in this example, the purpose of the knife is to cut vegetables. However, is it possible to use this knife and give it another purpose say hurt someone?

If you are the one who assigned the machine their purpose then Who is going to assign you a purpose?

What if we say the Purpose of your life is nothing but what you give it!

So it really all comes down to YOU My friend?

Are you going to give your life a big or a small purpose… or just live your life without one

Here’s how the ancient vedic knowledge describes the purpose

The purpose of life is evolution. It is the singular purpose, and nothing else.

Over the years through my own self-introspection I have realized the most essential reason for our existence is for growth and evolution.
If you look into your past experiences you will notice situations and people who have entered your life all for one reason ...To facilitate your growth. All the challenges, situations to push you beyond your comfort zone. It’s easy to look back 5 — 10 years and it all makes sense (Hindsight is 20/20).
However, only a spiritually trained eye can make sense of this moment and know that it’s there for a reason! To figure out this reason is not important in this moment and it will show itself at the right time.

In the last video we talked about how the prana in a human being is constantly finding higher expressions. That's evolution!

Your purpose is to align yourself to this present moment because with misalignment comes the dissatisfaction.

Being true to life by being true to this moment.

There is only one step and that's the one in front of you now. If you

LIfe is what you make of it. You see what are your values, what you spend most of your time doing and create your purpose.

To experience!
Experience what?
Either you can experience the content of your mind ( that’s the past) or you can experience what is?

Here are the steps we will take to Create your Purpose
To conclude! Only you create your purpose

Its understandable when you say that you are trying to find you keys..But when you say you are trying to find your purpose emmmm first you have to question yourself have you created one? How can you possibly find something that doesn't exist!

If you dont take responsibility of creating a purpose for your might end up picking up a purpose created for you by your parents, family or society.

So lets pick up and pen and a paper and close your eyes, take a deep breath and start imagining what you want for your life. Creation is best done in this moment ..this moment which is the field of all possibilities!
Start with what you know and refine it every day! More you journel more you get to know yourself better and the purpose becomes clearer and clear

So imagine big, trust you can! and believe in yourself…

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