~HEAL ALL 7 CHAKRAS~ 8 Hour Sleep Meditation (black screen after 1 min)

~HEAL ALL 7 CHAKRAS~ 8 Hour Sleep Meditation (black screen after 1 min)

~HEAL ALL 7 CHAKRAS~ 8 Hour Sleep Meditation
Consistency is key! Make this part of your nightly routine to stay healthy and balanced!

This Video is designed to not only help you sleep deeper but also heal and unblock all 7 Chakras in the process (for best results use headphones). This video assists with the consciousness mentoring that is provided through @Evo7vedMentoring Facebook page.

Blocked or unhealed Chakras can bring out fears and toxic traits from within ourselves and present many different challenges throughout our lives. Correcting these imbalances will lead to a more fulfilling and prosperous life. Each Chakra vibrates at a certain frequency, with that knowledge, we can listen to specific tones to bring harmony and balance to each one. Although the conscious mind may be asleep the subconscious mind is still very much active and awake, allowing the healing to flow into the unconscious mind where the trauma and imbalances are stored.

After 1 minute the screen will go black in order to keep light at a minimal to assist you with falling asleep faster and allowing you to get into a more deep sleep, where the magic can happen!

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